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DropCore Alpha DropCore Alpha

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Using the 1-7 keys while also using WASD is a bit bad to control if wanting to move and do attacks. The HP of both enemies, allies and their towers seems a little high it looks to be a bit of a slugfest if I was to play it for a length of time. Graphic wise and movement of AI wise it seems like it probably works quite well but I lacked the desire to play far into it.

yc960 responds:

you can now rebind keys in the menu, enemy tower hp has been significantly reduced. commander unit weapon strength significantly increased.

BEN: The Game BEN: The Game

Rated 0 / 5 stars

The music is dreadful to listen to. The jumping goes through the floor which seems to be the only way to actually reach the platform in the first level if you get yourself stuck inside it until you jump high enough to be on top. Making noticing the poor design mandatory is a bad idea. Also on the second level if you go left at the start you fall through the floor briefly. You can fall to the bottom of the screen on the third level as there is no kill-plane there which requires walking into the sawblades to kill you. Also during the final level it can be noticed that dying doesn't restart the level it just teleports you back to the start since the antagonist's bullets continue to move as they do when you die.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

The controls are horrible. It took mashing the keyboard to find a way to actually start the game which turned out to be "k" for some reason. I tried to use the controls on the left side of the keyboard and found it painful to reach down to the lower level from wasd. Using k and l with it didn't feel comfortable either. On top of that according to the bar at the bottom this lasts FAR too long which even with a better control scheme wouldn't be enjoyable to reach the end with.

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Spike N Fuzzy Spike N Fuzzy

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

The sounds don't stop and overlap unless you click into the next level while other sounds are still playing. You can die by an enemy hitting you while you have still won the level which overlaps the re-try and next level boxes. The effect movement has on the "fuzzy" is seeminly random and when it goes off the screen the position it comes back on doesn't seem accurate. Needing to wait for the exit to open is a waste of time.

having proper obstacles to go around and different places for the "home" to be and actual threats to avoid would be vastly superior.

TapDroid responds:

Got it, accept for, I do not understand;
The effect movement has on the "fuzzy" is seeminly random and when it goes off the screen the position it comes back on doesn't seem accurate.

My Tower My Home My Tower My Home

Rated 2 / 5 stars

No real tutorial or explanation on anything leading to an unintuitive experience. Needing to bring up the right click menu (right clicking not being something usually used in submitted games due to limitations of some formats like flash bringing up the flash menu) which isn't mentioned in-game so that you can place the turrets you have already purchased is not intuitive at all. Needing to read through the description to identify a right click menu existed in the first place due to it not being shown in the game is a major oversight. Even upon knowing the right click menu exists placing turrets still needs you to mouse over the small window for the turret type to place them which is finicky and if doing it during combat leaves you unnecessarily vulnerable due to not being able to angle your weapon while placing the turrets.

In terms of the text. There may be a full screen option but the smaller / windowed option shouldn't have text too small and cluttered to read. The font style and size makes reading anything difficult when in the base window.

Needing to run over coins to collect them is tedious, annoying and wastes either time spent doing it or the money if ignoring doing the tedious act. As it currently stands for free online sure, selling no.

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Coloring with Sweetie Belle Coloring with Sweetie Belle

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Cute and enjoyable. Not a lot of tools etc. but since Sweetie Belle isn't great at drawing anyway it suits it well.

Catalyst Catalyst

Rated 4 / 5 stars

An enjoyable puzzle / reaction game, however I did wait until they got close to see if I could combo and unsure if I am simply bad at the game or if they don't spawn / can be recoloured in such a way to allow for long rows. Enjoyable none the less.

Domestic Domestic

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Not really a game. The cat walking at least is entertaining, I spent the entire thing walking forwards and backwards to keep myself entertained enough to bother reaching the end. As for the story with a game with so little interaction it didn't give me enough reason to care about the whole domestic abuse issue thing you were trying to pull emotions onto.

AgonyTheCrux responds:

Thanks for the review. The fact that the player has so little interaction was a deliberate plan on my part-you are supposed to feel powerless in the situation.

Cube Escape: The Lake Cube Escape: The Lake

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Needing to reuse the magnet when not doing so for the other items was bullshit, as was the box puzzle, the attempt to push your previous game by telling people to play it for a different ending, and the breakable walls which were unclear due to the visual style of the screen jittering like an old film which made such breakable walls seem like results of the visual style rather than an actual puzzle to solve.

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Get through it! Get through it!

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Found though random games, competent for a single level worth of content, more would obviously be better but you grasp the concept of mouse mazes with this including the moving obstacles.