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This was more interesting than I originally thought and enjoyed the show around from the camera, I look forward to the idea of a music contest in such a way after hearing the classic Newgrounds audio used at the start of the video. Would be good to see a return to build on that old style or something new. Sadly I suck at music myself but will check out what others make.

Totally feels awkward having my part in it like that, but I have no regrets it was great fun! Newgrounds community ho!

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RealFaction responds:

Yeah definitely! Now we're open to ALL genres of music for the contest, but I definitely love making chiptune stuff, it's fun! Thanks for your help! :)

Ripping off Foxy's hook and using it as a weapon to kill him is totally a Kratos thing.

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A very cute video, sadly not a fan of the length of the repeating part in the middle, but I guess it makes sense with it being a music video type thing. Still cute regardless.

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Using the 1-7 keys while also using WASD is a bit bad to control if wanting to move and do attacks. The HP of both enemies, allies and their towers seems a little high it looks to be a bit of a slugfest if I was to play it for a length of time. Graphic wise and movement of AI wise it seems like it probably works quite well but I lacked the desire to play far into it.

yc960 responds:

you can now rebind keys in the menu, enemy tower hp has been significantly reduced. commander unit weapon strength significantly increased.

The music is dreadful to listen to. The jumping goes through the floor which seems to be the only way to actually reach the platform in the first level if you get yourself stuck inside it until you jump high enough to be on top. Making noticing the poor design mandatory is a bad idea. Also on the second level if you go left at the start you fall through the floor briefly. You can fall to the bottom of the screen on the third level as there is no kill-plane there which requires walking into the sawblades to kill you. Also during the final level it can be noticed that dying doesn't restart the level it just teleports you back to the start since the antagonist's bullets continue to move as they do when you die.

The controls are horrible. It took mashing the keyboard to find a way to actually start the game which turned out to be "k" for some reason. I tried to use the controls on the left side of the keyboard and found it painful to reach down to the lower level from wasd. Using k and l with it didn't feel comfortable either. On top of that according to the bar at the bottom this lasts FAR too long which even with a better control scheme wouldn't be enjoyable to reach the end with.

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A nice mix of roughness and gentleness to smooth it over. The first bit doesn't do much for me, but I like when the hum comes in from the 24 second mark adding some strange ambience to the background before the proper theme hits in to replace it.

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It is always reassuring to listen to your voice upon being banned, even if you are the one to do it. But alas it is only the second greatest thing you do with your mouth that can help such matters!

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Rad responds:

I will forever wonder what #1 was...

But thank you so much for the review!

Great lyrics and singing befitting both Twilight Sparkle and the original theme.

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A nice image of Gex, capturing his personality well, the textures are good also with the feint lines over his body.

Trixie enjoys having such admirers! But alas she couldn't perform for a few days due to the cold she got...

Saminat responds:

I'm sure that Twilight helped warm you up though :}

He fits all the designated parts required to be a guy. Perhaps a mutant guy, but still a guy none the less.

A would be game designer though procrastination is a cruel ally.

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