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Entry #3

More pony stories, with Trixie and Twilight

12/1/12 by Ragnarokia



New Twixie story, Magician's Obsessions.
DeviantArt - My written / visual art.
FimFiction - Dedicated page for my pony stories.
YouTube - Let's plays, readings and other videos.

New news post as it has been a while, and it could do with being more simplistic, over all little has changed since the previous but now with the year 2012 overhead.

So how's everypony doing?

More pony stories, with Trixie and Twilight


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The Great and Powerful Trixie!!!!

3/12/14 Ragnarokia responds:

Greetings little pegasus admirer.



Kisame confirmed teachers pet, look at all them posts!

2/17/14 Ragnarokia responds:

It is more like a heavily overenthusiastic admirer, fanatical perhaps. But alas, Trixie does enjoy others enjoying her performances! Just that they don't need to invade her privacy between shows...



I was Inquiring as to whether or not you think yourself superior to a goddess.

1/15/14 Ragnarokia responds:

You have such treasonous views of Equestria's Royal Deity, begone with such comments!



And are Princess Celestia and Princess Luna are submissive to you as well?

1/14/14 Ragnarokia responds:

Are you insinuating Trixie is being used by all 3 of them?! She is strictly only with Twilight!



I've always figured Twilight to be the dominant one. What with here being a princess and all.

1/11/14 Ragnarokia responds:

That's a lie! She just pretends to be and Trixie lets her enjoy such thoughts but of course not act on them!



What are your views on interspecies marriage.

1/10/14 Ragnarokia responds:

If they love each other and are of age in their respective species then let them enjoy a life of happiness and love, friendship is magic, after all.
Though Trixie is personally not into that, she prefers a loyal and submissive pony herself, Twilight being the obvious and indeed best example, as she fulfills her role well!



But I don't want to be seen.

9/21/13 Ragnarokia responds:

No need to feel insignificant, it is normal to not be as popular as the Great and Powerful Trixie!



Can you make me invisible?

9/20/13 Ragnarokia responds:

Trixie does not do such spells that could end in, unfortunate, situations if you don't praise her enough to return your vision!



is it just me or has yahtzee been making more serious reviews instead of minimalist cartoons ever since bioshock infinite

i'm not criticizing him or anything if he's trying new styles but as a fellow zp fan, how do you feel

7/3/13 Ragnarokia responds:

Didn't really notice much of a change, if anything he seems to be slightly opening up to admit thinks he likes now while in turn being even harder on other stuff, whether that comes across as serious or not depends on the view.



I really like that Trixie's Trix song. Like a lot. Thank you for sharing it. I wouldn't have otherwise found it. Also, hello. :)

7/1/13 Ragnarokia responds:

Of course you like it, as it is praises Trixie's excellence!



I drew another picture with you in it Trixie! -zero-s-friendship

6/20/13 Ragnarokia responds:

Trixie is pleased by you desiring to capture this moment! But in the future she would appreciate Sub-Zero not freezing her mid performance while escaping the water tank...



tfw you're watching all of the episodes of zero punctuation for the third time

6/5/13 Ragnarokia responds:

More than 3!

Hello Trixie. I just decided to stop by and ask how are you doing? We are friends( I hope), but we don't seem to talk to each other. As for me, I'm doing quite all right. :)

5/30/13 Ragnarokia responds:

Trixie remains friends with you Chrysalis, as long as you stop changing into Twilight and seducing her! Twilight blamed Trixie as if she was to know it wasn't her.



Don't tell me you don't remember us?

5/29/13 Ragnarokia responds:

Trixie knows of all her faithful admirers. They do not need to constantly beg her to state such!



The Troupe has Missed you, Miss Lulamoon.

5/29/13 Ragnarokia responds:

It is normal for all to miss Trixie when she is not present!



You're a hard mare to track.

5/28/13 Ragnarokia responds:

Trixie goes where she pleases.



So, how have you been lately? It's been a long time since I passed through here.

5/22/13 Ragnarokia responds:

Trixie has always been well.



Have you ever thought of getting a raven?

4/12/13 Ragnarokia responds:

A crow.



Do you preform your tricks for other species?

3/14/13 Ragnarokia responds:

Trixie performs for all her admirers.



What's it like being with a princess? Are Twilight's wings sensitive?:}

3/9/13 Ragnarokia responds:

She whimpers sweetly when Trixie pays close attention to them. Beautifully delicate.

Pants are for the insecure

3/5/13 Ragnarokia responds:

That is why Trixie only wears her hat, cape and cloak.



Remember to keep your shirt on at all times.

2/15/13 Ragnarokia responds:

Trixie does not wear shirts.

jet force gemini

2/15/13 Ragnarokia responds:

That was a highly enjoyable game when she was younger.



Show us some real magic.

2/7/13 Ragnarokia responds:

Trixie does not perform on demand, come and see her show if you are so interested!

hello ragnarokia my friend how are you

2/3/13 Ragnarokia responds:

Relaxing after another awe inspiring performance!



That was mostly the amulets doing.

2/2/13 Ragnarokia responds:

Trixie does not wear such jewelry anymore. Her powers have always been at their most enjoyable when in their natural greatness!



I leave Newgrounds for a year and come back to the most powerful pony... Always knew ya had it in ya!

2/1/13 Ragnarokia responds:

You did not even need to leave for a second Twilight, Trixie would have enjoyed showing you how powerful she is, though back then she may have had less, detailed, ideas on how to show her magical talent to such an understanding mare as yourself.



I leave newgrounds for 3 years, come back see this.. Always knew you were a total faggot but holy fuck man, ponies?? You really are the reason why this site has gone downhill from bad to horrible.

2/1/13 Ragnarokia responds:

Trixie is aware of how truly awe inspiring her magical talent truly is! Few dare to challenge her and those that do are swiftly shown who is the superior mare, all hecklers tremble with open jaws before the Great and Powerful Trixie! Was there ever any doubt.



The homosexual frog is right. You look much better in that hooded cloak.

1/28/13 Ragnarokia responds:

Trixie still uses her warm cloak for travelling in the night. It provides warmth and comfort to keep her feeling as Great and Powerful as she is whatever the weather!

That robe still makes you look fat.

1/26/13 Ragnarokia responds:

Only to the eyes of an anorexic mare.



Hecklers are merely a part of show business, My dear.

1/26/13 Ragnarokia responds:

She deals with them during her shows with her shear brilliance and superiority. She should not have to deal with such things when passing her time elsewhere.



You failed to answer my question,Trixie. Do you believe everyone in Equestria is closeminded?

1/25/13 Ragnarokia responds:

She does not answer such ridiculous questions as Trixie is getting irritated to the fact she keeps coming back to see yet another comment left by annoying hecklers who seem to demand her replies on their obviously flawed views.



Yes, Because obviously being great and powerful means putting on performances that are universally panned by both audiences and critics alike.

1/24/13 Ragnarokia responds:

Her performances are adored by all but the closed minded.



We fell out of contact and I was thinking of fixing that.

1/23/13 Ragnarokia responds:

Could likely add me to skype or steam which I tend to talk to people on if wanting more contact then.



I think we should be friends again.

1/23/13 Ragnarokia responds:

We stopped being friends?



Or maybe you're afraid of the truth.

1/20/13 Ragnarokia responds:

No, it is you who are afraid of admitting how Great and Powerful Trixie is.



The Goddes of the night told me she couldn't stand your performances.

1/20/13 Ragnarokia responds:

Make up whatever slanderous notions you like, Trixie knows of them all as lies.

"would it be awkward if I was to suck you off as you watched it?"


1/20/13 Ragnarokia responds:

Trixie sometimes needs to enjoy herself, not that she would do such a thing without Twilight, of course.



The Princess of the Sun says otherwise.

1/20/13 Ragnarokia responds:

Such choices cannot be settled with just a single Sister's opinion, so even if that was true, which it is not! Then Trixie would still be safe as Luna enjoys Trixie's performances!



Hey remember when I said to hell with your birthday and you got mad at me

hehehehehehehehhe that was funny

1/18/13 Ragnarokia responds:

She does not, but that is because Trixie doesn't care to remember hecklers.



Yeah. it would kinda violate the terms of exile.

1/18/13 Ragnarokia responds:

Trixie would never be exiled.



Twilight does have a lot on her plate and a lot going her as well. Too bad I can't say the same for you.

1/16/13 Ragnarokia responds:

Trixie helps Twilight to discover that which she then sends to her mentor in those endless letters. It wouldn't be good of Trixie to show her up by delivering such things herself, the young, less understanding mare is more deserving of such attention while Trixie remains to her own.



Good golly! What kind of colt do you take me for? I was referring to your magic act!

1/16/13 Ragnarokia responds:

Such demonstrations of her awe inspiring magic are too taxing to perform to just single ponies.



I enjoy it when I get none, sometimes I just get irritated when people keep sending them. D:

1/16/13 Ragnarokia responds:

Not just towards you, but towards all who send her messages! As much as Trixie enjoys her admirers showing their affection it is something she would rather not have to deal with so she could spend more time on her performances! Ah to be the most famous wielder or magic in all of Equestria, so many responsibilities.



Trixie, how many bits do you charge for private shows?

1/15/13 Ragnarokia responds:

Trixie is not that type of mare! She does not charge, but neither does she give them to just anypony!



And the Daily Trot, The Pony Gazette, Canterlot Monthly, ENN? Are they all liars as well?

1/13/13 Ragnarokia responds:

As seen from the paper the Cutie Mark Crusaders worked for, they always look to make up stories and give fake views on those that exist! They once did a story on Trixie which indeed was also faked, but they have since shown their error to her and became yet more of her admirers!



That's not what I heard from the Equestria Inquirer.

1/12/13 Ragnarokia responds:

They are but glorified hecklers. None should take their ill conceived notions as fact!



And by respite, you mean exile.

1/11/13 Ragnarokia responds:

Trixie was never exiled! She merely left for a short period to refresh her performance and renew her wagon.



He's not a pony, you silly twat. He's a human...I think.

1/9/13 Ragnarokia responds:

It is not fair to call Trixie's admirers such words, as for the mentioned 'human' creature, Trixie recalls them being mentioned in previous generations, apparently none of them were too interesting when it came to their private life though. But alas she supposes they could at least talk over such hacking things while Trixie enjoys the respite.



He grew up into a fine respecatable and sexy lad.

12/28/12 Ragnarokia responds:

Hmm, perhaps Trixie shall attempt to introduce herself and Twilight to this colt. It could prove to add some extra, albeit unrequired interest to some of their nights.